If you have had botox injections before, you may be very excited to come and see us for your treatment. We would ask that you still read the information below and explore our website to ensure you are happy to proceed.

The services we provide are medical treatments. As such they are confidential and require experienced qualified staff trained to deliver them. As medical treatments you should be fully counselled before any procedure and not coerced in any way before having it. Please phone us or fill in the form opposite for a no obligation free consultation with one of our doctors. Appointments are available after 6.45pm on weekdays. You will be counselled first and then offered a ‘cooling’ off period before committing to treatment.

A two week review appointment is included in the price of all cosmetic treatments.

We only accept card payments  No cash

Botulinum Toxin (Botox, Bocouture)


Fillers used are from the Restylane or Belotero range, both FDA approved products. Fillers are popular to plump up lips or give volume back to the mid face (cheek bones). various lines are treatable with fillers.

Skin booster treatments from £300 per treatment. Skin boosters are used to improve and rejuvenate the quality of an area of skin by placing multiple very small amounts of filler just under the skin. This promotes collagen formation and puts back hydration lost through the normal ageing process.

Minor Surgery

From £250 for skin tags or colourless moles or from £400 for cysts, Lipomas, or moles requiring formal excision. Actual price dependent on procedure. Please make an appointment for a no obligation free consultation and accurate pricing for a procedure with the doctor

All the above treatments are exempt from VAT. No charge for VAT will be made.