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If you are like me, then you want to look your best, feel your best and you most certainly find the BEST to help you achieve it.
Having reached a certain age, I have gathered experience along the way and, although I have always researched and opted for excellency in aesthetics practitioners, it was not always an easy task to evaluate them prior to treatment. I am guessing you want the same, that’s why you are here reading the testimonials.
My comments might read like a glorification, but I assure you they are said with absolute objectivity as I have no connection to the practice other than being an extremely satisfied client.
I had several treatments, from Fillers to Botox to Vital, administered by both, Petra and Robert. I can not decide who is better as both are equally excellent.
There are some key areas where this practice stands out amongst the many other aesthetics practices, including No10 Harley Street.
Their injection technique is the gentlest I have ever experienced. In the past I would sometimes look like a pin cushion, never here though.
The BOTOX result left me with an absolute natural look without the (even slightly) raised eyebrows, or shiny forehead plus I retained muscle function in my forehead, keeping the Botox treatment my secret if I so wanted.
The FILLER treatment is on the same level. Hardly a needle mark, administered very gently and most importantly, no lumps anywhere. A task, in which other practitioners are not always so successful.
The VITAL treatment is absolutely amazing with lasting effects longterm.
I would like to highlight one other major area that makes this practice outstanding. Their initial and ongoing consultations are neither rushed nor brushed over. Instead they are detailed and specifically tailored to find the best treatment for you. In my experience, other practices fail their clients here as they aim for maximising profits, whereas Petra and Robert believe in this investment to achieve the best results for their clients.
Last but not least, I also find it most practical to have the Private GP service at hand and to be able to combine that with my aesthetics visits.
In summary, to anyone reading this, I can truly say: “Look no further, you have found it!”

Dr Petra Dance
Consultant Psychologist

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